Our Story

This has been one idea by one person that has evolved into many ideas from some of the most clever people on the planet. From engineers to physicist to CAD drawings to 3D printing to injection molding to flow testing to boat testing and more. This team journey has produced one the best high-tech but simple sailing tools in modern history. Through successes and failures each level has brought new advancement to a simple but advanced sailing product.

My Sailing Story – Philip Freedman

Ever since boats started sailing with the aid of the wind someone has tried to go faster than the other boat. Through designs and ideas boats have evolved to flying above the water and going faster than the speed of the wind itself with only one goal in mind – to finish first and to get there faster.

With over sixty years of sailing experience in almost every level I have never stopped putting together the perfect model for each level of sailing.

From sailing Sabots at the age of six, sailing in the Olympic Trails at thirty-eight, putting together an America’s Cup Team at forty-two, I have always tried to go faster and beat myself and others but also the elements. Though coaching and nine books on sailing I have learned that boat design, wind angle, equipment, and tide currents all make up the winning boat combinations at all levels of this fantastic sport.

The Olfree Sailing Mission

Our mission is beyond simple. Put out in the air every possible idea and tool for today’s modern sailor to launch their journey into sailing.

With the aid of simple tools of education this can be a fun and enjoyable journey. Olfree Sailing is committed to the easy and simple education at all levels. If today’s sailor has all the basic tools at their disposal their only barrier could only be themselves.

Ideas are special. Use your ideas to not only advance your sailing knowledge but rather advance you thoughts and desire to always go to the next level in every way and with every tool.

Why we Designed our Wind-Indicator

If you ask any small boat sailor what the fastest mode of sailing or wind direction is, he would say a beam-reach. This is when the wind is hitting the boat at a 45 degree angle to the wind. How would you know if you were at a beam-reach, or another wind direction, if you didn’t have something to tell you where the wind was coming from?

Understanding wind accuracy and direction is the most essential tool you have to increase both your boat speed and your skill level in sailing. Unlike other wind-indicators, the Blackbird Wind-Indicator works for you when your boat is heeling over.

Any person who sails for pleasure or competition should have a Blackbird Wind-Indicator because wind is constantly changing.

The Olfree Sailing Advantage

How the Wind-Indicator Works for You
Every sailboat heels over, but for the first time, a wind-indicator remains parallel to the water and never locks up. Welcome to the 21st century of sailing.

Get Ahead of the Competition
Fun is being first in every way. With the “Blackbird” Wind-Indicator from Olfree, sailing has a new starting line. Always know where the wind is coming from and how to get shifts to work in your favor.

Combined with a Gimbal and Magna-Float Technology the “BlackBird” Wind-Indicator gives the sailor a better understanding of the wind and its ever-changing directions.